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A Gifted Man

Season 1

# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x16 In Case of Heart Failure 4  fr   gr hu  ro 
1x15 In Case of Letting Go 5  fr   gr hu pl ro 
1x14 In Case of Co-Dependents 5  fr br  gr hu  ro 
1x13 In Case of Complications 3   br  gr   ro 
1x12 In Case of Blind Spots 3  fr   gr   ro 
1x11 In Case of (Re)Birth 3  fr   gr   ro 
1x10 In Case of a Bolt from the Blue 2     gr   ro 
1x09 In Case of Abnormal Rhythm 4 en  br  gr   ro 
1x08 In Case of Missed Communication 4 en  br  gr   ro 
1x07 In Case of Exposure 5 en  br  gr hu  ro 
1x06 In Case of Memory Loss 6 en fr br  gr hu  ro 
1x05 In Case of Loss of Control 6 en fr br  gr hu  ro 
1x04 In Case of Separation Anxiety 5 en fr br  gr   ro 
1x03 In Case of Discomfort 6 en fr br  gr hu  ro 
1x02 In Case of All Hell Breaking Loose 6 en fr br  gr hu  ro 
1x01 Pilot 7 en fr br ru gr hu  ro 
All episodes 8 en fr br ru gr hu pl ro