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2 Broke Girls

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
6x22 And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie 3 en  pt ro 
6x21 And the Rock Me on the Dais 3 en  pt ro 
6x20 And the Alley-Oops 3 en  pt ro 
6x19 And the Baby and Other Things 3 en  pt ro 
6x18 And the Dad Day Afternoon 3 en  pt ro 
6x17 And the Jessica Shmessica 3 en  pt ro 
6x16 And the Tease Time 3 en  pt ro 
6x15 And the Turtle Sense 3 en  pt ro 
6x14 And the Emergency Contractor 3 en  pt ro 
6x13 And the Stalking Dead 4 en hu pt ro 
6x12 And the Riverboat Runs Through It 3 en  pt ro 
6x11 And the Planes, Fingers and Automobiles 4 en hu pt ro 
6x10 And the Himmicane 4 en hu pt ro 
6x09 And the About Facetime 4 en hu pt ro 
6x08 And the Duck Stamp 4 en hu pt ro 
6x07 And the Sophie Doll 4 en hu pt ro 
6x06 And the Rom-Commie 4 en hu pt ro 
6x05 And the College Experience 4 en hu pt ro 
6x04 And the Godmama Drama 4 en hu pt ro 
6x03 And the 80's Movie 4 en hu pt ro 
6x02 And the Two Openings: Part Two 0     
6x01 And the Two Openings: Part One 4 en hu pt ro 
All episodes 4 en hu pt ro