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# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x39 The Eagle's Flight 0   
1x38 Bernardo Faces Death 0   
1x37 The Eagle Leaves the Nest 0   
1x36 The Sergeant Regrets 0   
1x35 The Tightening Noose 0   
1x34 The Well of Death 0   
1x33 The Deadly Bolas 0   
1x32 The Cross of the Andes 0   
1x31 The Man with the Whip 0   
1x30 Zorro Lights a Fuse 0   
1x29 Quintana Makes a Choice 0   
1x28 Zorro by Proxy 0   
1x27 The Eagle's Brood 0   
1x26 Adios, Senor Magistrado 0   
1x25 The Fox and the Coyote 0   
1x24 The New Commandante 0   
1x23 The Secret of the Sierra 0   
1x22 The Unmasking of Zorro 0   
1x21 Zorro Springs a Trap 0   
1x20 Agent Of The Eagle 0   
1x19 Death Stacks the Deck 0   
1x18 Zorro Fights His Father 0   
1x17 Sweet Face of Danger 0   
1x16 Slaves of the Eagle 0   
1x15 Garcia Stands Accused 0   
1x14 Shadow of Doubt 0   
1x13 The Fall of Monastario 0   
1x12 Zorro, Luckiest Swordsman Alive 0   
1x11 Double Trouble for Zorro 0   
1x10 Garcia's Secret Mission 1  gr 
1x09 A Fair Trial 1  gr 
1x08 Zorro's Ride into Terror 1  gr 
1x07 Monastario Sets a Trap 1  gr 
1x06 Zorro Saves a Friend 1  gr 
1x05 Zorro's Romance 1  gr 
1x04 The Ghost of the Mission 1  gr 
1x03 Zorro Rides to the Mission 1  gr 
1x02 Zorro's Secret Passage 1  gr 
1x01 Presenting Senor Zorro 2 ua gr 
All episodes 2 ua gr