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The New Adventures Of Old Christine

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
5x22 TBA 0      
5x21 TBA 0      
5x20 Scream 0      
5x19 I Love What You Do For Me 1 en     
5x18 Revenge Makeover 1 en     
5x17 Up in the Airport 1 en     
5x16 Subway, Somehow 1 en     
5x15 Sweet Charity 1 en     
5x14 A Family Unfair 1 en     
5x13 Truth or Dare 2 en    ro 
5x12 A Whale of a Tale 2 en    ro 
5x11 It's Beginning to Stink a Lot Like Christmas 3 en   br ro 
5x10 Old Christine Meets Young Frankenstein 2    br ro 
5x09 I Love Woo, I Hate You 2    br ro 
5x08 Love Means Never Having to Say You're Crazy 2 en   br  
5x07 Nuts 3 en  fr br  
5x06 The Curious Case of Britney B 3 en  fr br  
5x05 Dr. Little Man 3 en  fr br  
5x04 For Love or Money 4 en es fr br  
5x03 The Mole 4 en es fr br  
5x02 Burning Love 4 en es fr br  
5x01 Bahamian Rhapsody 4 en es fr br  
All episodes 5 en es fr br ro