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Magnum P.I.

Season 1

# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x20 The Day It All Came Together 0  
1x19 Blood in the Water 0  
1x18 A Kiss Before Dying 1 en 
1x17 Black is the Widow 1 en 
1x16 Murder Is Never Quiet 1 en 
1x15 Day the Past Came Back 1 en 
1x14 I, The Deceased 1 en 
1x13 Day of the Viper 1 en 
1x12 Winner Takes All 1 en 
1x11 Nowhere to Hide 1 en 
1x10 Bad Day to be a Hero 1 en 
1x09 The Ties That Bind 1 en 
1x08 Die He Said 1 en 
1x07 The Cat Who Cried Wolf 1 en 
1x06 Death Is Only Temporary 1 en 
1x05 Sudden Death 1 en 
1x04 Six Paintings, One Frame 1 en 
1x03 The Woman Who Never Died 1 en 
1x02 From the Head Down 1 en 
1x01 I Saw the Sun Rise 1 en 
All episodes 1 en