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NCIS: Hawai'i

Season 2 | Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
2x22 Dies Irae 1 es 
2x21 Past Due 1 es 
2x20 Nightwatch Two 1 es 
2x19 Cabin Fever 0  
2x18 Bread Crumbs 0  
2x17 Money Honey 1 es 
2x16 Family Ties 1 es 
2x15 Good Samaritan 1 es 
2x14 Silent Invasion 1 es 
2x13 Misplaced Targets 1 es 
2x12 Shields Up 1 es 
2x11 Rising Sun 1 es 
2x10 Deep Fake 1 es 
2x09 Desperate Measures 1 es 
2x08 Curtain Call 1 es 
2x07 Vanishing Act 1 es 
2x06 Changing Tides 1 es 
2x05 Sudden Death 1 es 
2x04 Primal Fear 1 es 
2x03 Stolen Valor 0  
2x02 Blind Curves 1 es 
2x01 Prisoner's Dilemma 1 es 
All episodes 1 es