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# Episode Amount Subtitles
4x22 TBA 0   
4x21 TBA 0   
4x20 Coder to Killer 0   
4x19 Everybody Hates Kathy 0   
4x18 'Ohana 1 en  
4x17 The Night of the Dying Breath 1 en  
4x16 The One Where Jane Visits an Old Friend 1 en  
4x15 Frequently Recurring Struggle for Existence 1 en  
4x14 The Big Blast from the Past Episode 1 en  
4x13 Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In't 1 en  
4x12 The Tale of the Book of Secrets 2 en ro 
4x11 Careless Whisper 2 en ro 
4x10 The Big Reveal 2 en ro 
4x09 Check Your Ed 2 en ro 
4x08 Screech, Thwack, Pow 2 en ro 
4x07 Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth 2 en ro 
4x06 Ca-Ca-Candidate for Cri-Cri-Crime 2 en ro 
4x05 Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree 2 en ro 
4x04 Sous-Vide 2 en ro 
4x03 The Quantico Affair 2 en ro 
4x02 My Art Project 2 en ro 
4x01 Hella Duplicitous 2 en ro 
All episodes 2 en ro