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Ally McBeal

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
5x21 Bygones 2 en fr  
5x20 All of Me 2 en fr  
5x19 What I'll Never Do for Love Again 1  fr  
5x18 Another One Bites The Dust 2 en fr  
5x17 Tom Dooley 2 en fr  
5x16 Love Is All Around 2 en fr  
5x15 Heart and Soul 2 en fr  
5x14 Homecoming 2 en fr  
5x13 Woman 2 en fr  
5x12 The New Day 3 en fr pl 
5x11 A Kick in the Head 3 en fr pl 
5x10 One Hundred Tears 3 en fr pl 
5x09 Blowin' in the Wind 3 en fr pl 
5x08 Playing with Matches 3 en fr pl 
5x07 Nine One One 3 en fr pl 
5x06 Lost and Found 3 en fr pl 
5x05 I Want Love 3 en fr pl 
5x04 Fear of Flirting 3 en fr pl 
5x03 Neutral Corners 3 en fr pl 
5x02 Judge Ling 3 en fr pl 
5x01 Friends and Lovers 3 en fr pl 
All episodes 3 en fr pl