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The Mindy Project

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
4x26 Homewrecker 0   
4x25 Freedom Tower Women's Health 0   
4x24 My Kid Stays in the Picture 0   
4x23 There's No Crying in Softball 0   
4x22 Princeton Charming 1 en  
4x21 Under the Texan Sun 1 en  
4x20 The Greatest Date in the World 1 en  
4x19 Baby Got Backslide 1 en  
4x18 Bernardo & Anita 1 en  
4x17 Mindy Lahiri is DTF 1 en  
4x16 So You Think You Can Finance 0   
4x15 2 Fast 2 Serious 2 en ro 
4x14 Will They or Won't They 1 en  
4x13 When Mindy Met Danny 1 en  
4x12 The Parent Trap 1 en  
4x11 The Lahiris and the Castellanos 1 en  
4x10 The Departed 1 en  
4x09 Jody Kimball-Kinney is My Husband 1 en  
4x08 Later, Baby 1 en  
4x07 Mindy and Nanny 1 en  
4x06 Road Trip 1 en  
4x05 Stay-at-Home MILF 1 en  
4x04 The Bitch is Back 1 en  
4x03 Leo Castellano is My Son 1 en  
4x02 C Is for Coward 1 en  
4x01 While I Was Sleeping 1 en  
All episodes 2 en ro