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filename filename:The_Simpsons - season 30.en.zip
subtitles amount subtitles amount:10
subtitles list subtitles list: The Simpsons - 30x01 - Bart's Not Dead.WEB.TBS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 30x02 - Heartbreak Hotel.WEB.TBS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 30x03 - My Way or the Highway to Heaven.WEB.TBS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 30x04 - Treehouse of Horror XXIX.WEB.TBS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 30x05 - Baby You Can't Drive My Car.WEB.TBS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 30x06 - From Russia Without Love.WEB.TBS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 30x07 - Werking Mom.WEB.TBS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 30x08 - Krusty the Clown.WEB.TBS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 30x09 - Daddicus Finch.WEB.TBS.en.srt
The Simpsons - 30x10 - 'Tis the 30th Season.WEB.TBS.en.srt
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