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filename filename:Blood_Ties - season 2.en.zip
subtitles amount subtitles amount:8
subtitles list subtitles list: Blood Ties - 2x01 - D.O.A..AAF.en.srt
Blood Ties - 2x02 - Wild Blood.omicron.en.srt
Blood Ties - 2x03 - Five fifty-five.AAF.en.srt
Blood Ties - 2x04 - Bugged.AAF.en.srt
Blood Ties - 2x05 - The Devil You Know.2sd.en.srt
Blood Ties - 2x06 - Drawn and Quartered.AAF.en.srt
Blood Ties - 2x07 - Wrapped.AAF.en.srt
Blood Ties - 2x08 - The Good the Bad and the Ugly.AAF.en.srt
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