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Prime Suspect US

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x13 Stuck in the Middle With You 2  fr  ua  
1x12 Ain't No Sunshine 1  fr    
1x11 The Great Wall of Silence 1  fr    
1x10 A Gorgeous Mosaic 2  fr   gr 
1x09 Gone to Pieces 4 en fr br  gr 
1x08 Underwater 4 en fr br  gr 
1x07 Wednesday's Child 4 en fr br  gr 
1x06 Shame 3 en fr   gr 
1x05 Regrets, I've Had A Few 4 en fr br  gr 
1x04 Great Guy, Yet: Dead 4 en fr br  gr 
1x03 Bitch 3 en fr   gr 
1x02 Carnivorous Sheep 3 en fr   gr 
1x01 Pilot 3 en fr   gr 
All episodes 5 en fr br ua gr