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# Episode Amount Subtitles
4x13 Paranoid Android 2 fr  ro 
4x12 Bad Company 2 fr  ro 
4x11 About Face 2 fr  ro 
4x10 Game On 2 fr  ro 
4x09 Shelter from the Storm 2 fr  ro 
4x08 Breathing Space 2 fr  ro 
4x07 We Can Be Heroes 2 fr  ro 
4x06 The Return of Eddie 2 fr  ro 
4x05 All In 3 fr br ro 
4x04 Dollars And Scents 3 fr br ro 
4x03 Behind the Beat 3 fr br ro 
4x02 Gut Check 3 fr br ro 
4x01 Blast from the Past 3 fr br ro 
All episodes 3 fr br ro