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Vampire Knight

Season 2 | Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
2x13 Vampire's Knight 0  
2x12 The End of the World 0  
2x11 The Life of Two 0  
2x10 The Overture of Battle ~Prelude~ 0  
2x09 Revival of the Mad King ~Emperor~ 0  
2x08 The Spiral of Recollection 0  
2x07 The Thorny Kiss 0  
2x06 The Fake Lover 0  
2x05 The Subordinate's Trap 1 hu 
2x04 The Devil's Quickening 1 hu 
2x03 The Lapis Lazuli Portrait (Mirage) 1 hu 
2x02 Eternal Promise (Paradox) 1 hu 
2x01 The Sinners of Fate 1 hu 
All episodes 1 hu