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Season 1

# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x13 Proof of Life 2 en fr      
1x12 Mincemeat 1 en       
1x11 Deep Cover Band 1  fr      
1x10 Glory Days 1 en       
1x09 Defending Sofia 1 en       
1x08 Core Fortitude 2 en fr      
1x07 Remote Control 2 en fr      
1x06 Eaten By Wolves 3 en fr   ru   
1x05 Mole 3 en fr    hu  
1x04 Two Percent 2 en fr      
1x03 Love And Rockets 3 en fr     pl 
1x02 Song of the North 3 en fr     pl 
1x01 Pilot 5 en fr de br   pl 
All episodes 7 en fr de br ru hu pl