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Boys Over Flowers

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x51 Neverending 0  
1x50 We Shouldn't See Each Other Anymore 0  
1x49 The Couple's New Connection 0  
1x48 Study Abroad (?)?! 0  
1x47 Exchange Student- Shigeru's Ripple! (?) 0  
1x46 Within the Approaching Hurricane! (?) 0  
1x45 Be Honest, Won't You? 0  
1x44 It can't be you! 0  
1x43 The Heart's Wounds Intensify Feelings 0  
1x42 Battle?) Double Date 0  
1x41 The Beginning of New Days 0  
1x40 The Brink of Love's Withdrawl- Parting of Ways 0  
1x39 Devil's Triangle 0  
1x38 I Will Train You! 0  
1x37 Planned Confrontation! 0  
1x36 Tsukasa's Mother's Secret Plan 0  
1x35 Love's Escape?! 0  
1x34 This girl is important to me! 0  
1x33 Someday We'll Laugh at This Day 0  
1x32 Doumyouji... don't come? 0  
1x31 Shock! The Red Cards Times 2 0  
1x30 Wanna be Friends? 0  
1x29 His Warmth 0  
1x28 Tsukushi Goes to Canada! 0  
1x27 Doumyouji Goes to New York! 0  
1x26 Our Sleepless Night! 0  
1x25 Two Different Kinds of Love 1 en 
1x24 Love's Tempest! Banished from School? 1 en 
1x23 Doumyouji Tsubaki comes home! 1 en 
1x22 First Date at the Seaside 1 en 
1x21 The Crime and Punishment of the Kiss 1 en 
1x20 Warm Night of Betrayal 1 en 
1x19 The fluttering bird in my heart 1 en 
1x18 Can I Hang Around You? 1 en 
1x17 Caught at Last 1 en 
1x16 Believe in Me! 1 en 
1x15 Get Lost! 1 en 
1x14 Sakurako's Hidden Secret 1 en 
1x13 Love's swift development 1 en 
1x12 Date?! Snow on Mainstreet 1 en 
1x11 Love Flies High Over the Clouds 1 en 
1x10 The woman who threw it all away! 1 en 
1x09 Doumyouji Tsukasa Snaps! 1 en 
1x08 Nightmare of the New Semester 1 en 
1x07 Night of Love in Atami 1 en 
1x06 One-night Cinderella 1 en 
1x05 Him, Me, and That Guy 1 en 
1x04 The Ordinary Duo 1 en 
1x03 I won't be hurt! 1 en 
1x02 No Brand Girl! 1 en 
1x01 Declaration of War 1 en 
All episodes 1 en