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Better With You

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x22 Better With the Baby 3 en fr ru     
1x21 Better With a Bargain 3 en fr ru     
1x20 Better with Crying 3 en fr ru     
1x19 Better with Dancing 4 en fr ru   pl  
1x18 Better with Lying 4 en fr ru   pl  
1x17 Better With a Job 5 en fr ru it  pl  
1x16 Better With a Couch 4 en fr ru   pl  
1x15 Better with a Shamrock 4 en fr ru   pl  
1x14 Better with a Leather Jacket 5 en fr ru   pl ro 
1x13 Better with Valentine's Day 5 en fr ru   pl ro 
1x12 Better with a Cat 5 en fr ru   pl ro 
1x11 Better with Skinny Jeans 5 en fr ru   pl ro 
1x10 Better with Christmas Crap 6 en fr ru  gr pl ro 
1x09 Better with Thanksgiving 6 en fr ru  gr pl ro 
1x08 Better with Flirting 6 en fr ru  gr pl ro 
1x07 Better With Road Joel 6 en fr ru  gr pl ro 
1x06 Better with Halloween 6 en fr ru  gr pl ro 
1x05 Better with Little Buddy 6 en fr ru  gr pl ro 
1x04 Better with Fighting 6 en fr ru  gr pl ro 
1x03 Better with Ben 6 en fr ru  gr pl ro 
1x02 Better with Firehouse 6 en fr ru  gr pl ro 
1x01 Pilot 6 en fr ru  gr pl ro 
All episodes 7 en fr ru it gr pl ro