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Princess Lover!

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x12 Princess Lover! 2 en fr 
1x11 Cavalry and Train 2 en fr 
1x10 Loss and Rebirth 2 en fr 
1x09 Red and Blue 1  fr 
1x08 Paradise and Reality 2 en fr 
1x07 Fiancee and Flower Petals 2 en fr 
1x06 Steam, Crying, and the Lucky Pervert 2 en fr 
1x05 Sunset and Ferris Wheel 2 en fr 
1x04 Rose and Shoe 2 en fr 
1x03 Sword and Dance 2 en fr 
1x02 Academy and Reunion 2 en fr 
1x01 Noble Girl and a Horse Carriage 2 en fr 
All episodes 2 en fr