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The Addams Family

Season 2 | Season 1

# Episode Amount Subtitles
2x30 Ophelia's Career 0   
2x29 Lurch's Grand Romance 0   
2x28 The Addams Policy 0   
2x27 Lurch's Little Helper 0   
2x26 Cat Addams 0   
2x25 Addams Cum Laude 0   
2x24 Ophelia Visits Morticia 0   
2x23 Morticia, the Decorator 1  br 
2x22 Happy Birthday, Grandma Frump 1  br 
2x21 Pugsley's Allowance 1  br 
2x20 Ophelia Finds Romance 1  br 
2x19 The Great Treasure Hunt 1  br 
2x18 Fester Goes on a Diet 1  br 
2x17 Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama 1  br 
2x16 Uncle Fester, Tycoon 1  br 
2x15 Christmas with the Addams Family 1  br 
2x14 Morticia's Dilemma 1  br 
2x13 Portrait of Gomez 1  br 
2x12 Gomez, the Cat Burglar 1  br 
2x11 Feud in the Addams Family 1  br 
2x10 Gomez, the Reluctant Lover 1  br 
2x09 Morticia, the Sculptress 1  br 
2x08 Morticia, the Writer 1  br 
2x07 Halloween - Addams Style 1  br 
2x06 Cousin Itt's Problem 1  br 
2x05 Gomez, the People's Choice 1  br 
2x04 Morticia Meets Royalty 1  br 
2x03 Morticia's Romance (2) 1  br 
2x02 Morticia's Romance (1) 1  br 
2x01 My Fair Cousin Itt 2 en br 
All episodes 2 en br