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Wizards Of Waverly Place

Season 4 | Season 3 | Season 2 | Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
4x27 Season 4, Episode 27 0    
4x26 Harperella 0    
4x25 Rock Around the Clock 0    
4x24 Wizards vs. Everything 0    
4x23 Get Along, Little Zombie 0    
4x22 Ghost Roommate 0    
4x21 Wizards of Apartment 13B 0    
4x20 My Two Harpers 1  ru  
4x19 100th Episode - Alex the Puppetmaster 1  ru  
4x18 Justin's Back In 2 en ru  
4x17 Wizards vs. Asteroid 2 en ru  
4x16 Misfortune at the Beach 0    
4x15 Wizard of the Year 0    
4x14 Beast Tamer 0    
4x13 Meet the Werewolves 0    
4x12 Magic Unmasked 0    
4x11 Zeke Finds Out 0    
4x10 Back to Max 0    
4x09 Wizards vs. Angels 0    
4x08 Dancing with Angels 0    
4x07 Everything's Rosie for Justin 0    
4x06 Daddy's Little Girl 1   ro 
4x05 Three Maxes and a Little Lady 2  ru ro 
4x04 Journey to the Center of Mason 1  ru  
4x03 Lucky Charmed 1  ru  
4x02 Alex Gives Up 1  ru  
4x01 Alex Tells the World 1   ro 
All episodes 3 en ru ro