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Batman: The Animated Series

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x60 Fire From Olympus 0   
1x59 Read My Lips 0   
1x58 The Demon's Quest, Part II 0   
1x57 The Demon's Quest 0   
1x56 See No Evil 0   
1x55 Day Of The Samurai 0   
1x54 Blind As A Bat 0   
1x53 Robin's Reckoning, Part II 0   
1x52 Birds Of A Feather 0   
1x51 Robin's Reckoning 0   
1x50 Zatanna 0   
1x49 The Man Who Killed Batman 0   
1x48 The Mechanic 0   
1x47 Harley And Ivy 0   
1x46 The Laughing Fish 0   
1x45 What Is Reality? 0   
1x44 Off Balance 0   
1x43 His Silicon Soul 0   
1x42 Joker's Wild 0   
1x41 If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich? 0   
1x40 Heart Of Steel, Part II 0   
1x39 Heart Of Steel 0   
1x38 Christmas With The Joker 0   
1x37 Terror In The Sky 0   
1x36 Moon Of The Wolf 0   
1x35 Almost Got 'Im 0   
1x34 I Am The Night 0   
1x33 Cat Scratch Fever 0   
1x32 Beware The Gray Ghost 0   
1x31 Dreams In Darkness 0   
1x30 Tyger, Tyger 0   
1x29 The Strange Secret Of Bruce Wayne 0   
1x28 Night Of The Ninja 1  fr 
1x27 The Underdwellers 1  fr 
1x26 Perchance To Dream 1  fr 
1x25 The Cape And Cowl Conspiracy 1  fr 
1x24 Mad As A Hatter 1  fr 
1x23 The Forgotten 1  fr 
1x22 Prophecy Of Doom 1  fr 
1x21 Vendetta 1  fr 
1x20 I've Got Batman in My Basement 1  fr 
1x19 Fear of Victory 1  fr 
1x18 Two-Face, Part II 0   
1x17 Two-Face 1  fr 
1x16 Eternal Youth 1  fr 
1x15 The Last Laugh 1  fr 
1x14 The Clock King 1  fr 
1x13 P.O.V. 1  fr 
1x12 Appointment in Crime Alley 1  fr 
1x11 Be A Clown 1  fr 
1x10 Nothing to Fear 1  fr 
1x09 Pretty Poison 1  fr 
1x08 The Cat And The Claw, Part II 0   
1x07 Joker's Favor 1  fr 
1x06 It's Never Too Late 0   
1x05 Feat Of Clay, Part II 1  fr 
1x04 Feat Of Clay 0   
1x03 Heart of Ice 0   
1x02 On Leather Wings 2 es fr 
1x01 The Cat And The Claw 1  fr 
All episodes 2 es fr