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Sit Down Shut Up

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x13 High School Musical Musical 1   it 
1x12 SpEd 1   it 
1x11 Math Lab 1   it 
1x10 Helen and Sue's High School Reunion 1   it 
1x09 Tackin' 1   it 
1x08 Mr. Hofftard Goes to Washington 1   it 
1x07 Hurricane Willard 1   it 
1x06 Taming of the Dude 1   it 
1x05 High School Confidential 1   it 
1x04 Back in Time 1   it 
1x03 World's Greatest Teacher 1   it 
1x02 Miracle's Are Real 1   it 
1x01 Pilot 3 es fr it 
All episodes 3 es fr it