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Two and a Half Men

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
11x22 Oh, WALD-E, Good Times Ahead 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
11x21 Dial 1-900-Mix-A-Lot 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
11x20 Lotta Delis in Little Armenia 4 en fr  hu  ro 
11x19 Lan Mao Shi Zai Wuding Shang 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
11x18 West Side Story 4 en fr  hu  ro 
11x17 Welcome Home, Jake 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
11x16 How to Get Rid of Alan Harper 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
11x15 Cab Fare and a Bottle of Penicillin 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
11x14 Three Fingers of Crème de Menthe 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
11x13 Bite Me, Supreme Court 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
11x12 Baseball. Boobs. Boobs. Baseball. 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
11x11 Tazed In The Lady Nuts 4 en fr  hu  ro 
11x10 On Vodka, on Soda, on Blender, on Mixer! 6 en fr br hu pt ro 
11x09 Numero Uno Accidente Lawyer 6 en fr br hu pt ro 
11x08 Mr. Walden, He Die. I Clean Room 6 en fr br hu pt ro 
11x07 Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie 6 en fr br hu pt ro 
11x06 Justice In Star-Spangled Hot Pants 6 en fr br hu pt ro 
11x05 Alan Harper, Pleasing Women Since 2003 6 en fr br hu pt ro 
11x04 Clank, Clank, Drunken Skank 6 en fr br hu pt ro 
11x03 This Unblessed Biscuit 6 en fr br hu pt ro 
11x02 I Think I Banged Lucille Ball 6 en fr br hu pt ro 
11x01 Nangnangnangnang 5 en fr br hu  ro 
All episodes 6 en fr br hu pt ro