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American Gothic

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x22 Strangler 0  
1x21 Echo of Your Last Goodbye 0  
1x20 Ring of Fire 0  
1x19 Potato Boy 0  
1x18 Requiem 0  
1x17 The Buck Stops Here 0  
1x16 Triangle 0  
1x15 Learning to Crawl 0  
1x14 To Hell and Back 0  
1x13 The Beast Within 0  
1x12 Doctor Death Takes a Holiday 0  
1x11 The Plague Sower 0  
1x10 Inhumanitas 0  
1x09 Resurrector 0  
1x08 Rebirth 0  
1x07 Strong Arm of the Law 0  
1x06 Meet the Beetles 1 gr 
1x05 Dead to the World 1 gr 
1x04 Damned If You Don't 1 gr 
1x03 Eye of the Beholder 1 gr 
1x02 A Tree Grows in Trinity 1 gr 
1x01 Pilot 1 gr 
All episodes 1 gr