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Sonny with a Chance

Season 2 | Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
2x17 Zora Blossoms 0   
2x16 Tween Choice 0   
2x15 So Random Christmas 0   
2x14 That's So Sonny 0   
2x13 Sonny with a Secret: Part 2 0   
2x12 Sonny with a Secret 0   
2x11 What I Bike About You 1 en  
2x10 Chad With a Chance 0   
2x09 Gassie Passes 0   
2x08 Sonny Get Your Goat 0   
2x07 The Legend of Candy Face 1  fr 
2x06 Gassie Passes 1  fr 
2x05 Walk a Mile in My Pants 1  fr 
2x04 Sonny Get Your Goat 1  fr 
2x03 Falling for the Falls: Part 2 1  fr 
2x02 Walk a Mile in My Pants 2 en fr 
2x01 Falling for the Falls 1 en  
All episodes 2 en fr