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Hammer House of Horror

Season 2 | Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x13 The Mark of Satan 1 en  
1x12 The Two Faces of Evil 1 en  
1x11 Visitor from the Grave 1 en  
1x10 Guardian of the Abyss 1 en  
1x09 Carpathian Eagle 0   
1x08 Children of the Full Moon 0   
1x07 The Silent Scream 0   
1x06 Charlie Boy 0   
1x05 The House That Bled to Death 0   
1x04 Growing Pains 0   
1x03 Rude Awakening 1  es 
1x02 The Thirteenth Reunion 1  es 
1x01 Witching Time 1  es 
All episodes 2 en es