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Charlie Jade

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x20 Ouroboros 1  pl 
1x19 Flesh 1  pl 
1x18 Bedtime Story 1  pl 
1x17 Spin 1  pl 
1x16 The Shortening of the Way 1  pl 
1x15 Things Unseen 1  pl 
1x14 The Enemy of My Enemy 1  pl 
1x13 Through A Mirror Darkly 1  pl 
1x12 Choosing Sides 1  pl 
1x11 Thicker Than Water 1  pl 
1x10 Identity 2 fr pl 
1x09 Betrayal 2 fr pl 
1x08 Devotion 2 fr pl 
1x07 Diamonds 2 fr pl 
1x06 Dirty Laundry 2 fr pl 
1x05 And Not a Drop to Drink 2 fr pl 
1x04 The Power of Suggestion 2 fr pl 
1x03 You Are Here 2 fr pl 
1x02 Sand 2 fr pl 
1x01 The Big Bang 2 fr pl 
All episodes 2 fr pl