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Relic Hunter

Season 3 | Season 2 | Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
3x22 So Shall it Be 1 en  
3x21 Fountain of Youth 1 en  
3x20 The Warlord 1 en  
3x19 Pandora's Box 1 en  
3x18 Faux Fox 1 en  
3x17 Arthur's Cross 1 en  
3x16 Under the Ice 1 en  
3x15 Antianeiral 1 en  
3x14 Hunting with the Enemy 1 en  
3x13 Fire in the Sky 1 en  
3x12 Women Want to Know 1 en  
3x11 Warlock of Nu Theta Phi 1 en  
3x10 All Choked Up 1 en  
3x09 Incognito 1 en  
3x08 Devil Doll 1 en  
3x07 Vampire's Kiss 1 en  
3x06 Star of Nadir 2 en br 
3x05 Treasure Island 2 en br 
3x04 The Light of Truth 2 en br 
3x03 Sydney at Ten 2 en br 
3x02 Mr. Right 2 en br 
3x01 Wages of Sydney 2 en br 
All episodes 2 en br