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Animal Control

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x12 Unicorns and Mountain Lions 0  
1x11 Birds and Foxes 0  
1x10 Pigs and Minks 0  
1x09 Dogs and Geese 0  
1x08 Hellhounds and Sturgeons 0  
1x07 Peacocks and Pumas 0  
1x06 Skunks and Llamas 0  
1x05 Cows and Raccoons 0  
1x04 Dogs and Bears and Minks 0  
1x03 Cougars and Kangaroos 1 fr 
1x02 Rabbits and Pythons 1 fr 
1x01 Weasels and Ostriches 1 fr 
All episodes 1 fr