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Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x12 All the Way From There Just to Get to Here 0  
1x11 Banquet of Consequences 1 pt 
1x10 Dig Two Graves 1 pt 
1x09 Should I Stay or Should I Go 1 pt 
1x08 Like in the Time of Cholera 1 pt 
1x07 Apo Vai Pranah 1 pt 
1x06 Dead Man Walking 1 pt 
1x05 The Sin in the Crime 1 pt 
1x04 Bad Medicine 1 pt 
1x03 Strange Bedfellows 1 pt 
1x02 Down and Out 1 pt 
1x01 The Three Nos 1 pt 
All episodes 1 pt