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Spin City

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
6x22 A Friend in Need 1 en 
6x21 A Tale of Four Cities 1 en 
6x20 Look Who's Not Talking 1 en 
6x19 Let's Give Them Something to Talk About 1 en 
6x18 An Affair Not to Remember 1 en 
6x17 Age Against the Machine 1 en 
6x16 Eyes Wide Open 1 en 
6x15 Sex, Lies and Video Date 1 en 
6x14 Rags to Riches 1 en 
6x13 O Mother, Where Art Thou? 1 en 
6x12 An Office and a Gentleman 1 en 
6x11 Chinatown 1 en 
6x10 Fight Flub 1 en 
6x09 The Wedding Scammer 1 en 
6x08 She's Gotta Habit 1 en 
6x07 Sleeping with the Enemy 1 en 
6x06 Yeah Baby! 1 en 
6x05 Yet Another Stakeout 1 en 
6x04 The Apartment 1 en 
6x03 Wife with Mikey 1 en 
6x02 A Tree Falls in Manhattan (2) 1 en 
6x01 The Arrival (1) 1 en 
All episodes 1 en