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# Episode Amount Subtitles
5x22 We All Fall Down 2 en   hu  
5x21 Season 5, Episode 21 1 en     
5x20 You Can't Win Em All 2 en  gr   
5x19 The Empire State Strikes Back 2 en  gr   
5x18 A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Call Girl 2  fr gr   
5x17 Dude, Where's My Husband? 3  fr gr hu  
5x16 Life's a Beach 3  fr gr hu  
5x15 Strange Brew 2  fr  hu  
5x14 Brother from Another Mother 2  fr  hu  
5x13 #realness 2  fr  hu  
5x12 Here Comes Honey Bye Bye 2  fr  hu  
5x11 We're Not Not in Kansas Anymore 3  fr gr hu  
5x10 Misery Loves Company 3  fr gr hu  
5x09 The Things We Do For Love 3  fr gr hu  
5x08 902-100 4  fr gr hu pt 
5x07 99 Problems 4 en fr gr hu  
5x06 The Con 4 en fr gr hu  
5x05 Hate 2 Love 3 en fr gr   
5x04 Into The Wild 3 en fr gr   
5x03 It's All Fun and Games 4 en fr gr hu  
5x02 The Sea Change 4 en fr gr hu  
5x01 Til Death Do Us Part 4 en fr gr hu  
All episodes 5 en fr gr hu pt