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Northern Exposure

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
6x23 Tranquility Base 1 en 
6x22 Let's Dance 1 en 
6x21 Ursa Minor 1 en 
6x20 Buss Stop 1 en 
6x19 Balls 1 en 
6x18 Little Italy 1 en 
6x17 The Graduate 1 en 
6x16 Lucky People 1 en 
6x15 The Quest 1 en 
6x14 The Mommy's Curse 1 en 
6x13 Horns 1 en 
6x12 Mi Casa, Su Casa 1 en 
6x11 The Great Mushroom 1 en 
6x10 Realpolitik 1 en 
6x09 Sons of the Tundra 1 en 
6x08 Up River 1 en 
6x07 Full Upright Position 1 en 
6x06 Zarya 1 en 
6x05 The Robe 1 en 
6x04 The Letter 1 en 
6x03 Shofar, So Good 1 en 
6x02 Eye of the Beholder 1 en 
6x01 Dinner at Seven-Thirty 1 en 
All episodes 1 en