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Baki Hanma

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x12 Beyond the Brawn 1 pt 
1x11 The Prison Guard talks about it 1 pt 
1x10 Can't you laugh? 1 pt 
1x09 Decision Time 1 pt 
1x08 Gilberto Style 1 pt 
1x07 Hyper male and Hyper male 1 pt 
1x06 Man of the Sea 1 pt 
1x05 Terrible Triplets 1 pt 
1x04 The Second 1 pt 
1x03 Prison and Hell 1 pt 
1x02 Mixed species' martial arts 1 pt 
1x01 The World's Strongest Senior 1 pt 
All episodes 1 pt