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Leverage: Redemption

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x16 The Harry Wilson Job 0  
1x15 The Muddy Waters Job 0  
1x14 The Great Train Job 0  
1x13 The Hurricane Job 0  
1x12 The Golf Job 0  
1x11 The Jackal Job 0  
1x10 The Unwellness Job 0  
1x09 The Bucket Job 0  
1x08 The Mastermind Job 0  
1x07 The Double-Edged Sword Job 0  
1x06 The Card Game Job 0  
1x05 The Paranormal Hacktivity Job 0  
1x04 The Tower Job 1 fr 
1x03 The Rollin' on the River Job 1 fr 
1x02 The Panamanian Monkeys Job 1 fr 
1x01 The Too Many Rembrandts Job 1 fr 
All episodes 1 fr