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The Outpost

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
4x13 Nothing Lasts Forever 1 es 
4x12 The Betrayer 1 es 
4x11 Guardian of the Asterkinj 1 es 
4x10 Something to Live For 1 es 
4x09 The Price of Immortality 1 es 
4x08 The Pleasing Voice of the Masters 1 es 
4x07 The Power of the Masters 1 es 
4x06 All We Do Is Say Goodbye 1 es 
4x05 They Bleed Black Blood 1 es 
4x04 Going to Meet the Gods 1 es 
4x03 The Gods Thank You 1 es 
4x02 A Throne of Our Own 1 es 
4x01 Someone Has to Rule 1 es 
All episodes 1 es