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# Episode Amount Subtitles
2x19 Wedding Bell Blues 0  
2x18 Safety First 0  
2x17 Daddy Issues 0  
2x16 Stolen Kisses 0  
2x15 Burning Bridgets 0  
2x14 You've Got Fe-mail 0  
2x13 Benched 0  
2x12 The Ex Beau Incident 0  
2x11 An Outing with Sophie 0  
2x10 Trust or Bust 0  
2x09 Bursting Balloons 1 br 
2x08 Who's Your Daddy 1 br 
2x07 The Lost Weekend 1 br 
2x06 Bad Back to the Future 1 br 
2x05 The Casting Couch 1 br 
2x04 Robbing the Grave 1 br 
2x03 Between Rick and a Hard Place 1 br 
2x02 It's My Party 1 br 
2x01 Sophie's Choice 1 br 
All episodes 1 br