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Atlantis 2013

Season 2 | Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x13 Touched by the Gods: Part Two 1 pt 
1x12 Touched by the Gods: Part One 1 pt 
1x11 Hunger Pangs 1 pt 
1x10 The Price of Hope 1 pt 
1x09 Pandora's Box 1 pt 
1x08 The Furies 1 pt 
1x07 The Rules of Engagement 1 pt 
1x06 The Song of the Sirens 1 pt 
1x05 White Lies 1 pt 
1x04 Twist of Fate 1 pt 
1x03 A Boy of No Consequence 1 pt 
1x02 A Girl By Any Other Name 1 pt 
1x01 The Earth Bull 1 pt 
All episodes 1 pt