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Star Wars Rebels

Season 2 | Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
2x21 Twilight of the Apprentice: Part II 1    pt 
2x20 Twilight of the Apprentice: Part I 2   pl pt 
2x19 The Mystery of Chopper Base 2   pl pt 
2x18 The Forgotten Droid 1    pt 
2x17 Shroud of Darkness 2 en   pt 
2x16 The Honorable Ones 2 en   pt 
2x15 Homecoming 2 en   pt 
2x14 The Call 2 en   pt 
2x13 Legends of the Lasat 2 en   pt 
2x12 The Protector of Concord Dawn 2 en   pt 
2x11 A Princess on Lothal 2 en   pt 
2x10 Legacy 2 en   pt 
2x09 The Future of the Force 2 en   pt 
2x08 Stealth Strike 2 en   pt 
2x07 Blood Sisters 2 en   pt 
2x06 Wings of the Master 2 en   pt 
2x05 Brothers of the Broken Horn 2 en   pt 
2x04 Always Two There Are 2 en   pt 
2x03 Relics of the Old Republic 3 en gr  pt 
2x02 The Lost Commanders 3 en gr  pt 
2x01 The Siege of Lothal 3 en gr  pt 
All episodes 4 en gr pl pt