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Z Nation

Season 2 | Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
2x15 All Good Things Must Come to an End 3  fr  hu pt 
2x14 Day One 3  fr  hu pt 
2x13 AdiĆ³s, Muchachos 3  fr  hu pt 
2x12 Party With the Zombies 4  fr br hu pt 
2x11 Corporate Retreat 3  fr  hu pt 
2x10 We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon 3  fr  hu pt 
2x09 Rozwell 3  fr  hu pt 
2x08 The Collector 3  fr  hu pt 
2x07 Down the Mississippi 4 en fr  hu pt 
2x06 Zombie Baby Daddy 3  fr  hu pt 
2x05 Zombaby 3  fr  hu pt 
2x04 Batch 47 3  fr  hu pt 
2x03 Zombie Road 4 en fr  hu pt 
2x02 White Light 4 en fr  hu pt 
2x01 The Murphy 4 en fr  hu pt 
All episodes 5 en fr br hu pt