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Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x13 The Troubles 1 en  
1x12 Lost In America 1 en  
1x11 Wheels of Fortune 1 en  
1x10 The Recital 1 en  
1x09 The Handsomest Man 1 en  
1x08 First Fight 0   
1x07 The Seminar 1 en  
1x06 The Code 0   
1x05 A Divorce to Remember 0   
1x04 Down for the Count 1  br 
1x03 Who Would You Do? 1 en  
1x02 Laird of the Rings 1 en  
1x01 Dougie's First Day 1 en  
All episodes 2 en br