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Battle of the Planets

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x85 The Conway Tape Tap 0  
1x84 G-Force in the Future 0  
1x83 Strike at Spectra 0  
1x82 G-Force Defector 0  
1x81 Rockets Out of Control 0  
1x80 Vacation on Venus 0  
1x79 Charioteers of Changu 0  
1x78 Save the Space Colony 0  
1x77 Invasion of Space Center (2) 0  
1x76 Invasion of Space Center (1) 0  
1x75 The Awesome Armadillo 0  
1x74 Island of Fear 0  
1x73 Tentacles from Space 0  
1x72 Cupid Does It to Keyop 0  
1x71 Super Space Spies 0  
1x70 Spectra Space Spider 0  
1x69 Mission to Inner Space 0  
1x68 Panic of the Peacock 0  
1x67 Defector to Spectra 0  
1x66 The Duplicate King 0  
1x65 Awesome Ray Force 0  
1x64 Peril of the Preying Mantis 0  
1x63 Museum of Mystery 0  
1x62 Space Safari 0  
1x61 Invasion of the Locusts 0  
1x60 The Alien Bigfoot 0  
1x59 Rage of the Robotoids 0  
1x58 Raid of the Space Octopus 0  
1x57 Peril in the Pyramids 0  
1x56 Silent City 0  
1x55 The Great Brain Robbery 0  
1x54 Zoltar Strikes Out 0  
1x53 Decoys of Doom 0  
1x52 Attack of the Alien Wasp 0  
1x51 Giant Space Bat 0  
1x50 Secret Island 0  
1x49 Giant from Planet Zyr 0  
1x48 Fastest Gun in the Galaxy 0  
1x47 Mammoth Shark Menace 0  
1x46 Raid of the Red Scorpion 0  
1x45 The Sky is Falling! (2) 0  
1x44 The Sky is Falling! (1) 0  
1x43 Peaks of Planet Odin 0  
1x42 Keyop Does it All 0  
1x41 Raid on a Nearby Planet 0  
1x40 The Capture of the Galaxy Code 0  
1x39 Giant Gila Monster 0  
1x38 Seals of Sytron 0  
1x37 Raid on Riga 0  
1x36 Victims of the Hawk 0  
1x35 Prisoners in Space 0  
1x34 The Space Rock Concert 0  
1x33 The Fierce Flowers (2) 0  
1x32 The Fierce Flowers (1) 0  
1x31 Orion, Wonderdog of Space 0  
1x30 Siege of the Squids 0  
1x29 Demons of the Desert 0  
1x28 Curse of the Cuttlefish (2) 0  
1x27 Curse of the Cuttlefish (1) 0  
1x26 The Galaxy Girls 0  
1x25 The Ghostly Grasshopper 0  
1x24 Race Against Disaster 0  
1x23 The Bat Ray Bombers 0  
1x22 The Fiery Lava Giant 0  
1x21 The Musical Mummy 0  
1x20 Magnetic Attraction 0  
1x19 The Sea Dragon 0  
1x18 Mad New Ruler of Spectra 0  
1x17 A Whale Joins G-Force 0  
1x16 The Alien Beetles 0  
1x15 Microfilm Mystery 0  
1x14 The Thing with 1,000 Eyes 0  
1x13 Perilous Pleasure Cruise 0  
1x12 Beast with a Sweet Tooth 0  
1x11 Space Rocket Escort 0  
1x10 A Swarm of Robot Ants 0  
1x09 Jupiter Moon Menace 0  
1x08 Fearful Sea Anemone 0  
1x07 Ace from Outer Space 0  
1x06 Big Robot Gold Grab 0  
1x05 Ghost Ship of Planet Mir 0  
1x04 The Space Serpent 0  
1x03 The Space Mummy 0  
1x02 Rescue of the Astronauts 0  
1x01 Attack of the Space Terrapin 1 gr 
All episodes 1 gr