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American Dad!

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
8x19 Da Flippity Flop 2    hu nl 
8x18 Lost in Space 2    hu nl 
8x17 The Full Cognitive Redaction of Avery Bullock by the Coward Stan Smith 2    hu nl 
8x16 The Boring Identity 2    hu nl 
8x15 The Missing Kink 2    hu nl 
8x14 Spelling Bee My Baby 2    hu nl 
8x13 For Black Eyes Only 2    hu nl 
8x12 Naked to the Limit, One More Time 2    hu nl 
8x11 Max Jets 2    hu nl 
8x10 Blood Crieth Unto Heaven 2    hu nl 
8x09 The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari 2    hu nl 
8x08 Finger Lenting Good 2    hu nl 
8x07 National Treasure 4: Baby Franny: She's Doing Well: The Hole Story 2    hu nl 
8x06 Adventures in Hayleysitting 2    hu nl 
8x05 Why Can't We Be Friends? 2    hu nl 
8x04 American Stepdad 2    hu nl 
8x03 Can I Be Frank With You? 2    hu nl 
8x02 Killer Vacation 5 en es fr hu nl 
8x01 Love, American Dad Style 4 en  fr hu nl 
All episodes 5 en es fr hu nl