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Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x40 Japanese Linking Material 0  
1x39 Aquanaut of the Year 0  
1x38 Marineville Traitor 0  
1x37 Hostages of the Deep 0  
1x36 The Golden Sea 0  
1x35 The Master Plan 0  
1x34 Plant of Doom 0  
1x33 Sea of Oil 0  
1x32 Count Down 0  
1x31 Trapped in the Depths 0  
1x30 A Nut for Marineville 0  
1x29 The Invaders 0  
1x28 Secret of the Giant Oyster 0  
1x27 The Disappearing Ships 0  
1x26 Pink Ice 0  
1x25 Stand by for Action 0  
1x24 Treasure Down Below 0  
1x23 Eastern Eclipse 0  
1x22 Tom Thumb Tempest 0  
1x21 Invisible Enemy 0  
1x20 Star of the East 0  
1x19 Deep Heat 0  
1x18 The Cool Caveman 0  
1x17 The Big Gun 0  
1x16 The Lighthouse Dwellers 0  
1x15 Rescue from the Skies 0  
1x14 The Ghost of the Sea 0  
1x13 Tune of Danger 0  
1x12 A Christmas to Remember 0  
1x11 In Search of the Tajmanon 0  
1x10 Titan Goes Pop 0  
1x09 Raptures of the Deep 0  
1x08 An Echo of Danger 0  
1x07 The Man from the Navy 0  
1x06 Set Sail for Adventure 0  
1x05 Loch Ness Monster 0  
1x04 Subterranean Sea 1 gr 
1x03 The Ghost Ship 1 gr 
1x02 Emergency Marineville 1 gr 
1x01 Stingray 1 gr 
All episodes 1 gr