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Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x13 ...A Better Place 2  fr  ro 
1x12 Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth... 2  fr  ro 
1x11 ...the Karsten Way 2  fr  ro 
1x10 ...Number 16 2  fr  ro 
1x09 It's Just You and Me Now… 2  fr  ro 
1x08 ...One More Shot 1    ro 
1x07 ...We're Not Going to Baileys Harbor 2  fr  ro 
1x06 ...The Things That Drive Men Crazy 3  fr ru ro 
1x05 ...Nice Photos 3  fr ru ro 
1x04 ...That is Not What Ships Are Built For 2   ru ro 
1x03 If You Want the Fruit... 3 en  ru ro 
1x02 ...Except When the Bear is Chasing You 3 en  ru ro 
1x01 Pilot 4 en fr ru ro 
All episodes 4 en fr ru ro