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Eyeshield 21

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x52 Conflict! Chameleon VS Poseidon!! 0  
1x51 Beware! The Lethal Chameleon 0  
1x50 Courage Not To Escape 0  
1x49 Dazzling Silver! Spirit of Line! 0  
1x48 Try Hard! Will-Power! Do The Best! 0  
1x47 It's Hot! Guts!! 0  
1x46 Ghost VS Spear 0  
1x45 The Ghost Is Sealed!? 0  
1x44 Ahaha! I'm the Devil!! 0  
1x43 The Legendary 60-Yard Magnum 0  
1x42 Devil Bat Ghost!! 0  
1x41 Ace Elimination!? 0  
1x40 Night before the Match! 0  
1x39 Road To the Christmas Bowl 0  
1x38 Regular Decision!? 0  
1x37 The Unreachable Summit 0  
1x36 The Last Obstacle 0  
1x35 The Solitary Death March 0  
1x34 Ghost's Movement 0  
1x33 Oh! My Sister! 0  
1x32 Is the Scaredy Dog Around? 0  
1x31 Each and Everyone's Determination 0  
1x30 To The Boundary of Hell 1 es 
1x29 Formation, Devil Gunmans! 1 es 
1x28 American Football, Downtown 1 es 
1x27 Get Back! Cerberus! 1 es 
1x26 Wild Real 1 es 
1x25 Black Leopard in the Cage 1 es 
1x24 Shock! The Decisive Japan-US Game! 1 es 
1x23 The Weightless Man 1 es 
1x22 Appearance of The Mysterious Girl! 1 es 
1x21 Fly! Devil Bat 1 es 
1x20 Secret Weapon of the Sphinx 1 es 
1x19 The People Laugh At a Challenger 1 es 
1x18 Pride of the Useless 1 es 
1x17 The Kid and the Iron Horse 1 es 
1x16 So Long Kurita? 1 es 
1x15 Where is Eyeshield? 1 es 
1x14 The Blazing Hell Tower 1 es 
1x13 Fear of The Chameleon 1 es 
1x12 Catch! MAX! 1 es 
1x11 The Promise Under the Sunset 1 es 
1x10 Requirements of a Hero 1 es 
1x09 The Catching Specialist 1 es 
1x08 Never Give Up! 1 es 
1x07 Fight for Victory! 1 es 
1x06 Detonate! Spear Tackle! 1 es 
1x05 Half-Second Badyguard 1 es 
1x04 What's Grasped By Those Hands 1 es 
1x03 Subdue the Field! 1 es 
1x02 Let's Play American Football! 1 es 
1x01 The Boy With the Golden Legs 1 es 
All episodes 1 es