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Orphan Black

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
4x10 From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths 0         
4x09 The Mitigation of Competition 3 en  fr    pt  
4x08 The Redesign of Natural Objects 4 en  fr br   pt  
4x07 The Antisocialism of Sex 5 en  fr br   pt ro 
4x06 The Scandal of Altruism 5 en  fr br   pt ro 
4x05 Human Raw Material 5 en  fr br   pt ro 
4x04 From Instinct to Rational Control 7 en es fr br  hu pt ro 
4x03 The Stigmata of Progress 6 en  fr br  hu pt ro 
4x02 Transgressive Border Crossing 7 en  fr br gr hu pt ro 
4x01 The Collapse Of Nature 7 en es fr br  hu pt ro 
All episodes 8 en es fr br gr hu pt ro