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Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x13 Executive Producer Steven Rae 2   gr hu 
1x12 1987 2   gr hu 
1x11 Flip the Script 2   gr hu 
1x10 The Prophecy of St. Clare 2   gr hu 
1x09 Off to See the Wizard 2   gr hu 
1x08 The Devil You Know 2   gr hu 
1x07 Suffer the Children 4 en fr gr hu 
1x06 The Good Fight 3  fr gr hu 
1x05 The Kiss 4 en fr gr hu 
1x04 Get With the Program 4 en fr gr hu 
1x03 Being Billy 4 en fr gr hu 
1x02 In the Blood 4 en fr gr hu 
1x01 You're Next 4 en fr gr hu 
All episodes 4 en fr gr hu