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Primeval: New World

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x13 The Sound of Thunder, Part 2 0    
1x12 The Sound of Thunder, Part 1 0    
1x11 The Inquisition 0    
1x10 The Great Escape 0    
1x09 Breakthrough 0    
1x08 Truth 1 fr   
1x07 Babes in the Woods 1 fr   
1x06 Clean up on Aisle Three 1 fr   
1x05 Undone 1 fr   
1x04 Angry Birds 2 fr gr  
1x03 Fear of Flying 1 fr   
1x02 Sisiutl 2 fr gr  
1x01 The New World 3 fr gr bg 
All episodes 3 fr gr bg