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I Claudius

Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x13 Old King Log 1 gr 
1x12 A God in Colchester 1 gr 
1x11 Fool's Luck 1 gr 
1x10 Hail Who? 1 gr 
1x09 Zeus, by Jove! 1 gr 
1x08 Reign of Terror 1 gr 
1x07 Queen of Heaven 1 gr 
1x06 Some Justice 1 gr 
1x05 Poison is Queen 1 gr 
1x04 What Shall We Do About Claudius? 1 gr 
1x03 Waiting in the Wings 1 gr 
1x02 Family Affairs 1 gr 
1x01 A Touch of Murder 1 gr 
All episodes 1 gr